Woman and entrepreneur: investors agree on quota

Vrouw en ondernemer Lotte Leufkens

When Lotte Leufkens sits across from an investor, she gets questions like “Can you make ends meet with your business? Or, “Can you pay your employees? She can`t prove it, but she has a strong suspicion that those questions wouldn`t be asked if she were a man.

Recently, an article was published with the topic: more women at the top, otherwise no money. A group of investors, representing over 1 billion euros, agreed on a quota. Researcher and investor Eva de Mol sees a lot of doubt among the majority of investors. “Many investors think: she is a woman, can she be a good entrepreneur? There are few female examples and role models.”

Good news: demand for more women at the top

But there is good news: a group of Dutch investors only want to put money into companies if they have more women at the top. Eva de Mol: “Only 1.6% of all venture capital funding goes to female teams in the Netherlands! Read an explanation by De Mol in the article on ChangeInBusiness.