CloudCuddle Junior
inflatable - very strong - comfortable  

CloudCuddle is a lightweight travel bed for disabled children. They too can now sleep safely anywhere outdoors. Without a bedbox. When folded, the CloudCuddle fits into a weekend bag. Super handy for a weekend break, a night out, or on holidays.

We know that you are always well packed when you leave home with your family. But there is always room for a CloudCuddle. For example, it fits easily in the trunk of your car.

Did you know that parents also use the CloudCuddle if they want to book an extra night at the night care center when all the bed boxes are are occupied? Or take a CloudCuddle to the hospital? The CloudCuddle can be attached to a hospital bed, which makes it easier for children to be cared for, so they don’t need to be fixated or put on a mattress on the floor.

Wondering if CloudCuddle is suitable for your situation? Then request a trial weekend. This gives you the opportunity to first experience how your child reacts to the CloudCuddle.

During daytime children also often like to take shelter in their CloudCuddle. Just to play undisturbed or together with someone else.

CloudCuddle fijne plekje om je terug te trekken.jpg

Blue is for boys, pink for girls? Not everyone will agree on that. But if you want another color, why not pink?  The limited edition of pink CloudCuddles is sold out. If you’re interested, please leave a message and we will inform you when we ad it again to our product range.

CloudCuddle also nice spot to play with a friend .jpg