Runner Up NENnovation Award

At the end of World Standards Day in The Hague today, Diederik Samson presented the NENnovation Awards. CloudCuddle was nominated in the category ‘Students’ for the further development of a CloudCuddle for seniors and may call itself the proud runner-up of this award.

Closing Master

Emma Knijn received the award on behalf of CloudCuddle. She studies Industrial Design in Enschede and for her graduation project she studied the development of a CloudCuddle for seniors. She will complete her research at the end of this month and hopes to graduate early next year and then start working for CloudCuddle.

Standardization critical success factor

Attention to standardization is important. After all, an innovation like CloudCuddle also has critical success factors. Not only is the technology important but economic, social and sustainable aspects also play a role. This therefore requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders. Defining standards together is important in this respect. It increases the chance of success and market acceptance.

25th World Standards Day

On Friday 12 October, World Standards Day was celebrated for the 25th time. Various speakers dwelt on this year’s theme of “the climate”, including Marius Smit, the world’s first professional plastic fisherman, and Diederik Samson, chairman of the Built Environment sector table of the Climate Agreement. Afterwards, the NENnovation Awards were presented for the second year.