Camping with a disabled child

Is camping with a disabled child possible? A bed box doesn’t fit in a tent, camp beds are not sturdy enough. So how can you properly arrange sleeping on a campsite? Could a CloudCuddle be a solution? Siem and his parents tested the bed tent during a weekend at Eurocamp Beekse Bergen. In a mobile home.

Foreign experience’ in a Dutch mobile home

During a test camping weekend at Eurocamp, Siem experienced a weekend at Beekse Bergen with his parents and sisters in a mobile home. Because of the cold, a tent was not an option this time. Mother Wieneke tells how she experienced it. “Our Siem is 11 years old and has a rare chromosomal disorder. He is mentally limited and has the level of a toddler. It is unclear how he will develop further. He can walk small distances, for longer distances we use a wheelchair. He is naughty and likes to do what he wants to do. Some days he is more manageable than others.”

A real camping family

“When we go on vacation, we can’t miss him and his two sisters, ages 15 and 5, absolutely want him to come along all the time. We are actually a real camping family. But with the arrival of Siem it became increasingly difficult. The first years it was okay, but four years ago we stopped. Too much hassle, especially at night. Siem is restless when he knows he can get out of bed. He can open the zippers of the tent, which keeps us awake. He always has to sleep near us. That’s pretty exhausting. We’ve tried several bed tents, but without success.”

Camping with bed tent dampens overstimulation disabled child

Eurocamp had prepared a spacious mobile home for us. The combination with CloudCuddle was perfect. Siem had a nice long sleep for two nights. What a gift. He needs a low-stimulus environment. A bed box at home has that effect. And so does a CloudCuddle, we’ve noticed. This aid helps to dampen overstimulation. Siem had no tendency to hang on to the construction or do any mischief. For him, it’s a safe nest. He lies down and sleeps.”

Thanks to Beekse Bergen

“And the Beekse Bergen? Totally fun! We’ve been almost everywhere. We took a boat ride, visited the playland, swam and went through the safari park at least twice. Usually Siem has little eye for animals. But this time he looked his eyes out. When Siem is enjoying himself, we enjoy ourselves even more. The warm welcome by an English-speaking hostess and the English and German people we also met, made this trip complete. We felt a bit abroad. Truly a getaway.”

Camping with CloudCuddle? Try it!

“After this experience I would also like to try a tent again. Because the desire to be able to just camp, that remains. And preferably on a regular campsite. But Siem’s behavior is decisive. In a cottage or mobile home you’re less likely to bother the neighbors if he wakes up at night. My tip for other parents: if you like camping, you should try it with a CloudCuddle. Maybe in a combination. One week in a cottage and the next week in a tent.”

Did you know you can try out the CloudCuddle for a weekend or rent it for a slightly longer period of time?