Help from municipality and Facebook for reimbursement of CloudCuddle

Reimbursement via the municipality and own network

Anita Claus from Venlo tells how she first had her reservations. But after a weekend of testing, she decided to buy a CloudCuddle bed tent immediately. A fee from the municipality partially funded it. In addition, she found a generous donor via Facebook.  

Sturdy bed tent offers peace of mind

“We wanted to test the CloudCuddle with our daughter Romena,” Anita explains. “Vacations with her, or going out to sleep, have become a problem. Romena is six years old and multiply disabled. She can climb out of bed, sleeps restlessly and needs regular care at night. When we set up the CloudCuddle, my first thought was: it’s not going to work. Romena kicks at her bed and regularly throws herself over with a jerk. I didn’t believe the bed tent was sturdy enough. I was really surprised that everything stayed in one piece. And Romena slept more peacefully than expected. After all, kicking and hitting a CloudCuddle makes very little noise. That’s what calmed her down. A pleasant side effect; both for her and for us.”

Staying without a bedbox…

“Romena regularly needs intensive care at night. She can’t swallow and we have to suck out her airways. As such, she cannot go to a guest house. There are too many staff cuts there. Other care institutions often have waiting lists. The best option for us – and also the cheapest – is to stay with a caregiver at home who has a bed box. But not everyone has the space for that. With a CloudCuddle, you don’t need a bed box when you go to stay.”

… And with a regular mattress

“What I also like about a CloudCuddle: it fits around an ordinary mattress. So you’re not tied to a bedbox mattress. Romena always gets so hot on a bed box mattress, which often causes her to sweat a lot. Moreover, an ordinary mattress is ten centimeters wider. That extra space does her good. And a CloudCuddle has no bars, so she can look around much more freely.”

Reimbursement of CloudCuddle by municipality

“For us, CloudCuddle is really a solution, but also quite an expense. So we went in search of financial support. The insurer – VGZ – rejected the request, because it would fall under the Wmo. After searching, we finally came across the WMO official from our municipality. He knows our situation and knows that we are careful. Because we do not use a guest house, we are actually saving money. We were hoping that we could use that money for a CloudCuddle. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But through a special fund, the municipality is now able to reimburse half anyway.”

Angels in network

“A little disappointed in the restrictions of the Wmo, as a result of which the municipality only partially reimburses the CloudCuddle bed tent, I put a message on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, just like that, someone offered to pay the other half. How happy I am to have angels like this in my network. I also want to thank my occupational therapist. He had seen CloudCuddle at the Support Fair last year and tipped us off to the test group. Caring for Romena is intensive, but fortunately we get regular help, sometimes from unexpected sources.”