Sleep problems in child with autism?

Child with autism and sleep problems

Sleep problems in a child with autism are a well-known phenomenon. What can you do as a parent to remedy this when your child goes to stay, is temporarily hospitalized or when you go away for the weekend?

Solution for sleeping problems of youngest son with autism

Marijke from Abbenbroek came across the CloudCuddle bed tent this summer at a campsite in France. There she met parents who happened to have brought a CloudCuddle with them. Their positive experiences made her curious. Maybe it was something for her youngest son Jason.

Last fall, Jason’s sleep was getting worse and worse. He has classic autism and a mental developmental delay, but there is nothing physically wrong with him. He often climbed out of bed and kept the whole family awake late into the night. To deal with this problem, Jason recently started sleeping in a bed box at home. But you can’t take that with you. Unlike a bed tent.

Exciting test weekend

Fortunately, she could still remember the bed tent she had seen in France. A trial weekend was quickly arranged. But because Jason is a strong jumper in the field, Marijke had her doubts. Would the CloudCuddle be able to withstand Jason? Could he really not escape from it?

Night owl becomes slow sleeper

Everyone was surprised how quickly Jason slept in the CloudCuddle bed tent. “The first day after only 45 minutes,” Marijke says. “And the second day even earlier. He didn’t manage to escape and we all slept wonderfully. Jason woke up very happy and slept through the night.”

Improvement tip

Besides all the positive things, Marijke also mentioned a point of improvement for the bed tent. “I would like the CloudCuddle to be even more transparent. Maybe children like this, but as a parent I would like to be able to see my child better when the bed tent is closed.”

Rent a bed tent from CloudCuddle and experience what it does for the sleep problems of your child with autism.