In this section we present a brief overview of several stories Dutch parents shared with us about using their CloudCuddle. Feel free to contact us if you want any more details. 
If you want to share your story in English, please contact us. We would really appreciate that.

CloudCuddle oppompen in hotelkamer.jpg

CloudCuddle in German Hotel

Renske needs a special corset for her scoliosis. This can only be done in Mainz (Germany). As the trip by car was too long for Renske to take in one day,  her parents had to book a hotel. Quite a challenge, but they were convinced it would work out just fine using a CloudCuddle. And so it did! 

Picture: Renske's father busy installing CloudCuddle on the hotelbed.

Stella veilig in CloudCuddle na operatie.jpg

Perfect to use in hospital

December 2017, Stella needed serious surgery. Her mother Nine could not believe doctors telling her that in order to nurse Stella, they were either going to fixate her or put her on a mattress on the floor. Nine searched for a better solution and came up with CloudCuddle. The Suisse hospital was willing to give it a try and everyone was delighted things worked out so well.

Picture: Stella at the recovery right after surgery.

trots pompt Lin CloudCuddle op.JPG

Finally accepting an invitation

Getting invited to a party always presented Karen with a problem. How to arrange a safe sleeping environment for her daughter Linn? Usually she would turn the invitation down. But not this time. Having bought a CloudCuddle she finally felt free to take Linn along and just go for it! 

Picture: Linn, proudly assists inflating her CloudCuddle.

Janou met CloudCuddle naar Beekse Bergen.jpg

Feel like camping? Just give it a try!

Last autumn two families tested CloudCuddle while camping. One family used a tent, the other one a camper. Both were delighted CloudCuddle presented this opportunity. CloudCuddle proved to function well. One family noted however that apart from a safe sleeping environment, you should also consider what other facilities you really need if doing so. 

Picture: several moments during the camping weekend. 



Finally Sleeping over at grandma's

Marinka bought a CloudCuddle so her son could finally also sleep at his grandmother's house. Such a joy for the grandparents!

This movie is in Dutch. Marinka installs the CloudCuddle at her mother's home and explains how happy she is. She also states that her son Davey even likes to withdraw himself inside the  CloudCuddle during daytime.  

Jomely superblij met CloudCuddle.jpg

foundation pays JOMELY's CloudCuddle 

Sandra couldn't afford her own CloudCuddle for Jomely. But a special foundation handed her the money so she could buy one for her adopted daughter: the William Schrikker Foundation.

CloudCuddle vergoed door gemeente.jpg

Municipality funded CloudCuddle

Anita asked local authorities to fund a CloudCuddle for her daughter. They partially did. The other half came from an angel in her network after she posted a message on Facebook.