Reimbursement CloudCuddle

Reimbursement CloudCuddle

Sometimes a long way - it pays to persevere   

Bas Ottens and his wife Els ran into the CloudCuddle two years ago. Their son Dorian was almost one year old and still fitted in a camping bed. They knew that this would change and started to orientate themselves. Both on the CloudCuddle and on costs. It was a long way to go, but after two years of perseverance they succeeded. Last week the municipality of Loppersum sent the redeeming message: CloudCuddle will be reimbursed. Just in time. Dorian really doesn't fit in his camp bed anymore.

The beginning - the Wmo

"First of all, we made an application to the Wmo Desk," says Bas. "Fortunately, the consultant understood the urgency of a facility like CloudCuddle. However, neither she nor the municipal lawyer saw any possibility to fit it into the Wmo. Not even when we emphasized how important it is to maintain the quality of life of the whole family".


The sequel - the insurer

"In consultation with the Wmo consultant, we then agreed to approach our insurance company first. If the latter would reject it, we would be able to knock on her door again. She was open to reviewing the situation. The application at the health insurance company (Ditzo) was - as expected - unsuccessful. Also the medical supplies supplier (Atlas Kidtech) that had realized earlier facilities for Dorian, couldn't do it. So we went back to the municipality".


 Finally - back to the Wmo

"We have used the CloudCuddle sample letter. With the help of Dorian's occupational therapist, we made it more personal and adapted it to his situation. We also had him signed by the rehabilitation doctor of the UMCG. He thought it was a logical story and did not hesitate to sign it. So we had a good, consistent and widely supported application. A time-consuming phase because of the rewriting, testing, making appointments and a holiday of the Wmo consultant. On his return, he presented it to the B&W board. This was a golden opportunity because it resulted in a green light in the form of a PGB. It is good to mention that we had to give permission for full access to our data".

CloudCuddle cuts costs

"Finally, I would like to emphasise that civil servants and, above all, insurers, should realise that caring for Dorian will be cheaper with a CloudCuddle. If only because of the fact that we can now place him in the care of a private nurse. This is much cheaper than a guest house. And what about being able to let Dorian stay with his grandparents? Not to mention savings during holidays: no more need for expensive destinations that are equipped for children with a disability, or for extra resources that you can then apply for.  For a high-low bed you quickly pay 500 - 600 euros for two weeks. Imagine the money you can save with CloudCuddle.


Common sense

Somehow I've always trusted that things would work out well and that common sense would prevail in the end. Luckily that has become true. I wish all parents a lot of strength in a similar situation and hope that this common sense can also be found outside of Groningen".