Lotte Leufkens

I started CloudCuddle while studying mechanical engineering at the TU Delft. One day a father of a disabled son came to one of my engineering classes and explained the many problems he and his family face on a daily basis. Sleeping away from home was one of his biggest issues. He challenged me to find a solution to this problem. That is why we invented the CloudCuddle.

Several years later we launched CloudCuddle onto the Dutch market, in June 2017. 

Managing a start-up next to my studies is pretty tough. I can tell! That is why I love to share my knowledge on this topic with others who want to start a business.

We work with a team of five enthusiastic colleagues helping each other to develop our business.

(foto: Fred Leeflang)

[T] +31 (0)6 27 07 34 34 




FLORIS Alberda van Ekenstein

I take care off our stock, logistics, and trial weekends. Any questions on one of these subjects? Just contact me. 




For an experienced marcom professional helping out young entrepreneurs such as CloudCuddle is a privilege and real fun. 

[T] +31 (0)6 519 30 633


Emma Knijn, CloudCudle productdevelopment.jpg


As a Product Developer I am responsible for the security and quality of the CloudCuddle and the design of our next product.