Frequently asked questions about CloudCuddle

– Always use the pump supplied by CloudCuddle

– Checklist:
* install always at least 3 hrs before using.  
* the frame is hard, you cannot press it anymore
* all frame zips are closed (8x)
* tube clamps are closed after pumping
* mesh zip: runners are tightly together with the pullers flat against the zip
* all straps are attached and under tension
* the sheet is zipped in
* never place a CloudCuddle inside a care cot or wedged between bed rails.
* the ‘legs’ stand freely next to a 90 cm wide mattress and protrude slightly from the bed frame.

The reimbursement options for the purchase of a CloudCuddle vary from one country to another. In the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, the costs are often reimbursed by the government: in the Netherlands by municipalities under the Wmo (Social Support Act) and in Belgium by the VAPH (Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities). CloudCuddle is committed to making reimbursement possible elsewhere in Europe too.

A CloudCuddle can be used in combination with every single bed that is suitable for a 90 x 200 x 16 cm mattress. Do not use a shorter or narrower mattress.

NB: do you combine the CloudCuddle with a high-low bed? This is possible, but please ensure that any bed rails are folded away. When a CloudCuddle is wedged between bed rails, there is too much tension on the seams of the frame which can damage the frame.

No, the CloudCuddle cannot be placed in a care cot. It needs space in order to assume his full outer dimensions (200 x 110 x 105 cm).
Therefore, never use bed rails, and do not confine the CloudCuddle, for example under a bunk bed or by placing heavy furniture against it.

The frame of a CloudCuddle is inflatable. Together with the soft cover that surrounds it, it absorbs all the knocks and muffles the sound of banging and hitting. Good for the (night) rest of the whole family. See for instance this video that one of our customers sent us.

Before bringing CloudCuddle to the market (2017) it was extensively tested for a year with 75 families. By now thousands of children and adults have slept inside a CloudCuddle. Keeping them safe inside and making them feel secure. 

Very few people do not respond well to the CloudCuddle. In particular when they are very restless and constantly kick against the netting and drop with their full weight against the side of the CloudCuddle. When this is the case, we advise against using a CloudCuddle.

As a guideline, the CloudCuddle is suitable for  disabled people up to 50 kg.

With higher weight it depends on one’s behavior.  We experienced that the combination of weight and conduct determines the limits of the CloudCuddle Junior bedtent. 
Therefore, we strongly recommend to always test the CloudCuddle before purchasing one. Give us a call or send an e-mail.

With the word “inflatable” most people initially think of bouncy castles. However, we use a completely different technique, as a result of which the frame and therefore the entire construction is very sturdy. What is of great importance: the CloudCuddle must be sufficiently inflated. We recommend a pressure of 0.45 bar. Below this level, the frame is too slack and the tubes can collapse.

The hand pump supplied by CloudCuddle is the best pump to use. With this pump you will safely reach the correct pressure (0.45 bar). The pump can be ordered separately. Never use an electric pump.

CloudCuddle has 2 colors of zippers. Blue zippers to open the tube cover and white zippers for the mesh.

You can order the CloudCuddle in our webshop.

CloudCuddle is always delivered including a manual. You can also find the manual on our website.

The inflatable construction is very strong, yet soft and absorbent. In addition, the construction is not completely hard, so it can absorb the energy of wild movements. And, of course, we chose soft fabrics that are nice to the touch.

The CloudCuddle was designed with the needs and wishes of children with physical and/or mental disabilities in mind. However, we do see the potential for “healthy” children, so here we will develop another variant.

For the time being, only hand pumps are available. In order to avoid unnecessary costs (for example if you already have such a pump) and to keep the cost of the CloudCuddle itself as low as possible, you can order the hand pump separately.

CloudCuddle is officially recognized as a Social Enterprise because we give families an enormous amount of freedom and try to keep the price as low as possible. Because we have established this in our policy as well. Maximum profit is not a goal for us. But it is: maximum accessibility for families.

No, the use of bed rails is not permitted. The CloudCuddle must be able to assume its full dimensions. The “legs” of the CloudCuddle need space to protrude freely next to a 90 cm mattress. They then protrude slightly from the bed frame. Do not push them inwards!

The full width of the CloudCuddle is then 110 cm (from the outside of one leg to the outside of the other leg). With bed rails you compress the CloudCuddle. This results in too much tension on the seams of the inflatable frame, which can damage the frame.

Yes, a CloudCuddle also fits on hospital beds and is a perfect bedside protection during hospitalisation. However, always ensure that any bed rails are put down.

It is not necessary to completely dismantle the CloudCuddle if you only want to wash the sheet. Do ensure that the CloudCuddle has some room in the corners so that you can easily zip the sheet in and out. This is done as follows:

  • Allow a little air to escape.
  • Loosen the strap at the leg of the valve and partly slide the CloudCuddle off the mattress (see photo 28 manual).
  • Put one hand between the mattress and sheet at the bottom of the CloudCuddle, where the runner of the zip is located (photo 29 manual).
    Open the zip until the runner is visible from the top and then unzip the sheet completely from the top.
  • Proceed in the opposite way when zipping up a clean sheet.