Reviews bedtent CloudCuddle

In this section parents and caregivers share their stories with CloudCuddle. The freedom and tranquillity that a CloudCuddle offers is invaluable to many. CloudCuddle is an adaptation to a bed that allows you to sleep safely anywhere. It has never been so easy. The CloudCuddle has also proved its worth in healthcare institutions and hospitals on several occasions. The CloudCuddle was designed for occasional use, in order to sleep safely outdoors without the use of special needs bed. For instance when staying with family and friends, arranging respite care, an extra day at the carecentre, hospitalization or for holidays. The lifespan of the bed tent is based on this. Because many children sleep better in a CloudCuddle than ever before, some parents use the bed tent at home on an daily basis. They know that the parts of the CloudCuddle can wear out sooner and must be replaced.