Turns every bed into a safe bed

This bedtent changes every bed into a safe place to sleep for disabled children.

Weekend away or staying with grandma with a disabled child?

A safe place to sleep everywhere: even if your child has a disability

The CloudCuddle bed tent has been specially developed to allow a child with a disability to sleep safely anywhere. Would you like to visit family and friends with the whole family and stay there? It’s possible just like that. Longing for a weekend away and outsource the care for your disabled child? That too is much easier to arrange with this CloudCuddle tool. You can turn a single bed into a safe place to sleep for your child in just a few minutes.

Normal bed turns into safe bed

A CloudCuddle is a simple modification that transforms an ‘ordinary’ bed into a safe place to sleep in five minutes. Wherever you are. With friends or family, on the road in a hotel, at your holiday address or at home: everywhere you will find a single bed. We have extensively researched the most common size and the CloudCuddle is tailored to this. These are beds measuring 200 x 90 x 16 cm. CloudCuddle is made in such a way that it can compensate for small deviations in size by adjusting the straps.

Share care for handicapped children with family and friends

Friends and family who want to jump in and take care of you for a while do not have to come up with complicated constructions to allow your child to sleep safely. CloudCuddle gives families with a disabled child a lot of freedom. A CloudCuddle can also offer a solution in the event of (unexpected) hospitalisation. With their own familiar CloudCuddle, children feel more comfortable, parents have more freedom of movement and care is easier. CloudCuddle simply fits on a hospital bed.

When travelling, children with a disability can sleep safely in a bed tent.

Any stay outside the home with a disabled child means a lot of arranging and organising. With a CloudCuddle you have one worry less: you don’t need a care cot. A CloudCuddle transforms a standard single bed at grandma’s and grandpa’s, with friends or other family members or on holiday into a safe place to sleep in no time at all. Stowed away it fits in a weekend bag and takes up little space. So there is always a place in the luggage. You can even take it with you on the plane.

Reviews of parents

Children who use a CloudCuddle are very different. Their limitation is often accompanied by autism, a metabolic disease or a chromosomal aberration. Because of their developmental delay, almost all of them sleep in a bed box at home. One is small, the other large (up to 1.85 metres), very young or already almost adult, nightcaps or night owls, agile or constantly trying to get away. What does CloudCuddle mean for them? We’d like to let parents talk about this for themselves in our Review section.

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