Renting a bed tent from CloudCuddle possible

Xanthe mee op wintersport omdat haar ouders een bedtent konden huren

Rent a bed tent from CloudCuddle

Did you know that you can also rent a bed tent from CloudCuddle to try out if it is suitable for your child? Yes, you can.

The first time we offered this from CloudCuddle was around the holidays. Back then, it was still an experiment. Because: would families need this? That soon turned out to be the case. Renting a bed tent was a successful action. Several families made use of it. Parents sent us heartwarming messages such as: “Thanks to your bed, Xanthe was able to go on winter sports with the whole family.” (see photo)

Because of the positive response, renting a bed tent is now permanently possible. Place your request in time to be sure of your reservation.