CloudCuddle bed tent godsend in hospital

Hospitalization made easier with a bed tent

For children with disabilities, a bed tent is a godsend when it comes to hospitalization. What do you do if your daughter has to undergo surgery, but there is no suitable hospital bed for her? When even doctors at a university hospital can say with dry eyes that a mattress on the floor is the best option? Recently, Nine Pecoraro faced this dilemma. First there was disbelief, then belligerence. This had to be done differently. Somewhere there had to be a suitable tool. She found the solution in CloudCuddle.

Mattress on the floor in the hospital

Nine lives with her husband and three daughters in Switzerland. Their youngest daughter Stella (5 years old) was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality (Idic15). A disorder characterized by developmental delays and epileptic seizures, among other things. This led to frequent hospital visits in 2017. Stella is agile and crawls out of bed, so in the hospital she was always lying on a mattress on the floor. Unbelievable that there is no good aid for this. It happens to more children.

Fixation is not necessary in the hospital with a bed tent

Special tube feeding can alleviate the epilepsy. To make a gavage possible, surgery was scheduled in December 2017, combined with a dental procedure. Stella needed very intensive care in the days after surgery and would be tube-fed for 48 hours non-stop. According to the hospital, this could only be done with a mattress on the floor and by restraining her in a bed. A horror scenario for Nine. In her search for an alternative she came across the CloudCuddle. With this bed tent, immobilization is not necessary.

Hospital doctors enthusiastic about bed tent

Nine decided to purchase a CloudCuddle. This can also be attached to a hospital bed. A godsend. Now Stella could be cared for and recovered from the operation in much greater comfort. Nine had carefully prepared the team of doctors for the CloudCuddle. Actually, the hospital itself should purchase a CloudCuddle. Hopefully it will come to that. Nine is going to make a strong case for it. In any case, the CloudCuddle received a lot of attention. At least 15 doctors came to take a look and were all enthusiastic about the bed tent. So who knows …

Operation successful

The operation was successful. Stella has recovered well and fortunately she is doing much better. Since the special tube feed (with ketogenic diet) she has had no more seizures.


Stella in her CloudCuddle in recovery. During recovery, Nine was able to walk away with peace of mind. Zippers closed and Stella was safe.