Bed tent and patient lift

The combination of bed tent and patient elevator: does it work?

A patient elevator can provide a solution when moving your child in and out of bed becomes too physically demanding. Naturally, you want to avoid overexertion and injuries as much as possible. If you use a hoist at home, then you naturally want to know whether this can be used in combination with a CloudCuddle bed tent. We regularly receive this question. The short answer is: there are several possibilities. We provide a few examples below.

Ceiling system / experience of the van Kempen family

The van Kempen family from Echt sent us this video as an illustration which they recorded themselves. At home they do not use the CloudCuddle, but the video below shows how they used it last summer during a stay in a RonaldMcDonald`s cottage. There they found the combination patient lift-CloudCuddle really a godsend! You can clearly see how to use the patient lift that is attached to the ceiling in combination with our aid.

Passive mobile patient lifts

In addition to the ceiling elevator, there are passive mobile elevators that work well in combination with the CloudCuddle, such as :

Powermove by Joyincare
CloudCuddle with Powermove
Tonya hoist from Levarecura
CloudCuddle with Tonya Tilt

Trying out a combination of bed tent and hoist at home

Because every child and every situation is different, we recommend that interested parties gain experience with the CloudCuddle bed tent. Would you like to try out for yourself whether the combination of a CloudCuddle and the patient lift which you use at home are a good combination before purchasing a bed tent? This is possible. You can test a CloudCuddle or rent it for a short period of time. Something for your family? We are very curious about your experiences.