CloudCuddle bed tent in plane to Curaçao

CloudCuddle’s bed tent just goes on the plane

After two years on the waiting list, the time had come. Sem was allowed to go to Curacao for dolphin therapy. His mother Sonja had rented a CloudCuddle bed tent especially for this vacation. He could take it on the plane. If it had not been there, they would have had to cancel the trip.

Far journey by plane possible with bed tent

“For a long time we took a large and heavy folding bed with us. That was always quite an undertaking and a lot of lugging around,” Sonja says. “Two years ago Sem figured out how to climb out of it. How else? Of course we are happy with the Ronald Mc Donald vacation parks, but sometimes you want something different. For example, a distant journey by plane.”

CloudCuddle gives peace of mind

“Our Sem is easily over-stimulated. A consequence of a rare brain anomaly, which is associated with a developmental delay and problems with the processing of stimuli. CloudCuddle gives him peace of mind. It probably feels like a safe cocoon. Sem almost always acts up when we put him to bed, except when he gets to sleep in a CloudCuddle.”

Perfect solution

“Two years ago we saw the CloudCuddle bed tent at the Supportbeurs. At the time we were already on the waiting list for Curacao and immediately thought: if this works, it really will be the perfect solution soon. We therefore immediately signed up for the test period. Of course that was exciting: will Sem break the zippers, kick the bed tent over, find a way to escape? Nothing of the sort. Sem slept wonderfully and peacefully.”

Buy or rent?

“Sem is now 15, which is the only reason we are hesitant to purchase one ourselves. How often will he still go on vacation with us? Staying with grandparents is getting too heavy for them. It was nice that we could rent a CloudCuddle. If Sem had been 10 years younger, we would have bought a CloudCuddle anyway. And even now I think: it’s just worth it. A three week trip to Curacao by plane wasn’t cheap, so we’re going to save up for it, because having your own CloudCuddle does give you a lot of extra freedom.”


Sem is already 15 and tall for his age (1.70 meters), but the CloudCuddle was definitely not too small. On the contrary, it gave him peace of mind.