CloudCuddle bed tent rental for visiting specialist

Renting a bed tent from CloudCuddle

Renske from Zeist needs a special corset that is only available in Germany. So in mid-January her parents planned a visit to a German specialist, including a night in a hotel. A spirited undertaking which they dared to undertake by renting a bed tent from CloudCuddle.

Overnight stay in rented bed tent

“Renske has a rare chromosomal abnormality: Kleefstra syndrome,” her mother Lisette explains. “In addition to a general developmental delay, this is accompanied in her by scoliosis, a deformity of her back. A corset, available in Germany, can correct this. Renske is now 13 years old and in the middle of a growth spurt. According to our physical therapist, that`s a good time to address that scoliosis. So we paid a visit to the specialist near Mainz. Renske can sit in a car for up to three hours. Mainz is unfortunately further away from Zeist. A night in a hotel was unavoidable. In the CloudCuddle bed tent, we found the right tool to make that possible.”

For the first time in eight years

“Renske always sleeps in a bed box. Either at home or in a guest house. Years ago, we tried to stay with her at friends` house in Amsterdam once. That only just ended well. Despite precautions, she had crawled out of bed – which led to a life-threatening situation. The risk of something happening to her is so great that unfortunately she will never be able to go again. An overnight stay with Renske abroad? That was really eight years ago. Back then she still fitted into a camp bed.”

No need to improvise by renting a bed tent

Life with Renske demands a lot from the organizational skills of Lisette and her husband Jaap. Many parents with a handicapped child will recognize this. Anything that seems at all possible is often just tried. So when CloudCuddle came into the picture, Lisette decided to rent one for the trip to Germany. The possibility of converting a hotel bed into a safe sleeping place for Renske seemed like a real option to her. So along went the CloudCuddle in the trunk.

Unexpected surprise

The hotel room was carefully selected in advance: a family room with an extra 1-person bed (so no stretcher or sofa bed). But again an unexpected surprise, like a thick German mattress. It was quite different from the Dutch standard. It took some skill to install the CloudCuddle on it and to attach it to the bed. But it worked, and Renske slept wonderfully in it.

Safe cocoon

Renske is 1.65 meters tall and actually too big for the CloudCuddle. She cannot sit upright in it. However, she probably does enjoy the seclusion around her. A safe cocoon, in which to retreat. “She slept like a baby in it,” Lisette says in conclusion. “Soon we have to go back again. Then we will rent a CloudCuddle again. And our 10-year-old son Gijs was quick to point out another option: celebrate New Year`s Eve again at our friends` house in Amsterdam.”

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