Experiences of mother Yasmara with bed tent in contact magazine TSC

Yasmara Olyslag is the mother of Jochem. She writes for the contact magazine TSC of the Tuberculous Sclerosis Foundation Netherlands (STSN). Her son has TSC, an inherited disorder in which benign tumors develop in various parts of the body. Also common in people with TSC are social and emotional problems, epilepsy and/or intellectual disability and autism. About 1 in 6,000 people have TSC.

Jochem TSC logeren bedtent

Recently, Yasmara wrote in the contact magazine TSN about her own experiences with CloudCuddle`s mobile bed tent. And they were so positive that they brought an instant smile to our faces as CloudCuddle employees. This is another reason why we are happy to share her story with you. The text below is taken verbatim from the magazine.

Experiences with bed tent and TSC
Yasmara Olyslag writes in the contact magazine TSN:

`In previous contact sheets I have written about the cloud cuddle. It seemed to me to be a very useful bed if you are going to sleep outside with your child. At least, if your child sleeps in a bed box and needs this safety. But I had no experience with it myself and so now I do.

Two years ago we went to Villa Pardoes with Jochem and had a wonderful time. We wanted to experience this again by going to the Efteling with our family. This time we had booked an adapted cottage for eight people in Bosrijk for three nights. A beautiful house with plenty of room and an adapted bathroom and bedroom downstairs. They did not have an adapted bed, so I rented the cloud cuddle. What a fantastic invention! I rented the bed through the site.

Jochem TSC slapen bedtent

Shortly after, I received a call from cloudcuddle for further explanation and questions. I explained that Jochem is very strong and wants to break everything. I asked if I would need to get insurance if he broke the cloudcuddle. They said that is not necessary and that the cloudcuddle is foolproof. And if Jochem would break it, they would have something to improve. That gave me so much confidence that I was completely reassured.

Since we already had a car full of the children, wheelchair and our luggage, I had asked if the package could also be sent to another address. I called Villa Pardoes, which is near Bosrijk, and I could drop the package off there and pick it up the next day when we arrived at the Efteling. I received a link to follow the package and clear instructions on how to assemble the bed. This gave me the peace of mind to drive with Jochem to Bosrijk, because I knew it was taken care of.

The cloudcuddle is indeed very easy to attach to a mattress on a bed. Then it needs to be inflated and then it is already ready. A safe tent bed for Jochem. Jochem thought it was all fine and quietly settled into the bed that night. He didn`t even try to break anything, really very special. But of course the Efteling
But the Efteling is also enchanting. We had a fantastic time in the Efteling and a quiet night. We did not have to worry that Jochem would climb out of his bed and open a window. With all the consequences of that…

Jochem slapen Efteling bedtent TSC

We slept wonderfully and so did Jochem. And after those four fantastic days it was again very easy to disassemble and pack up the cloudcuddle. We could deliver the package to a DHL point near the Efteling on our way home and everything was arranged. Once at home, I was called by cloudcuddle to ask how we liked it and if we had any improvements. What a professional organization.

The costs for renting/trialsleeping a cloudcuddle are low. For the weekend we spent a total of € 52.50 with rental, cleaning and shipping costs. Well, it was well worth it to us. We intend to visit Bosrijk and the Efteling more often and the cloudcuddle will certainly be taken along then. For more information, see www.cloudcuddle.nl.`

So much for the article in the contact magazine TSC. We, the CloudCuddle employees, wish Yasmara and her family many more great outings!

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