Traveling with a disabled child: on to Disneyland

Traveling with a disabled child

The biggest wish of Luuk Gunneman from Nootdorp was, “A visit to Disneyland Paris.” But Disneyland has no bed box in the hotel room. That makes traveling with a disabled child difficult. So his parents decided to bring a CloudCuddle.

Luuk’s dream wish, a trip to Disneyland Paris was recently made possible by Make-A-Wish Netherlands Foundation. Every year they provide 500 children in the Netherlands with an unforgettable memory. Everything was taken care of down to the last detail. However, at the end there seemed to be a hitch because Euro Disney does not have a bed box. Luuk really needs this to sleep safely. The trip almost had to be cancelled.

Luuk can travel with a bed tent

Fortunately Luuk’s mother remembered the CloudCuddle bed tent. She had seen it at a trade fair. She decided to rent one in order to make Luuk’s dream trip come true.

Unfortunately, Luuk fell ill one day before leaving. “He only spent one morning in the park,” says his mother Edith. “We used the CloudCuddle more than we liked. But what a great solution this was for us. Luuk felt comfortable there and we will definitely purchase this tent bed.”

Admiration for Make-A-Wish

Because we admire their work, we like to bring Make-A-Wish to your attention. Take a look at their website for more information.

Would you also like to explore the possibility of traveling with a child with a disability? You can rent a CloudCuddle or request a trial weekend and decide whether the bed tent is something for your family.