Dream on, we watch

Symposium St Oda Pelt

Friday, March 12, the second night service symposium will take place. ” Dream on, we watch”. This is organized by care facility St Oda in Pelt (Belgium). The theme this year is ” how to provide optimal care during the night for our users with severe multiple disabilities”. Sint Oda uses new techniques and insights to improve the sleep quality of clients. In this symposium you will get a glimpse of how they do that. One of the speakers is Prof. Annelies Smits. She gives a lecture about sleep in people with mental disabilities.

Influence of sleep

Good sleep promotes cognitive functions and emotional resilience. It is a neurological skill that cannot be taken for granted for people in a care-dependent position. Sleep is often under-researched in care, but offers unsuspected opportunities to improve quality of life.

Many people with intellectual disabilities suffer from sleep problems: a lack of sleep, or on the contrary, too much sleep. A primary sleep disorder can lead to psychological and physical complaints. For people with intellectual disabilities, the reversal of the sleep rhythm is particularly common: awake at night and sleepy during the day. But also too much or too little sleep has consequences.

Sleeping poorly or too much can be caused by a primary sleep disorder. But a client can also sleep poorly because of circumstances such as noise pollution or mental stress. Sometimes the sleep problems are a secondary condition, a side effect of another illness. For the approach, it is important to know what causes the sleep disorder.

CloudCuddle and symposium sleep behavior

CloudCuddle is attending this event as a sponsor. We like to take the time to spar with visitors about various questions. For example, whether CloudCuddle is suitable as a safe place to sleep for people with disabilities. Or how a private environment affects sleep behavior. According to multiple reviews on our website, that influence often seems to be significant. We are curious about your insights and would love to learn from them for the further development of our product.