Day and night rhythm restored thanks to CloudCuddle bed tent

What can you do if your toddler has been sleeping poorly for a long time, constantly getting out of bed at night, feeling restless everywhere and developing a disrupted day-and-night rhythm as a result? The parents and grandparents of Evelien (3) benefit from CloudCuddle`s bed tent. Evelien sleeps well in it from day one. Grandma Irene Harms explains.  

Irene Harms is the grandmother of Evelien (3). “From birth, Evelien`s development has been going `by the book`,” she explains. No harm done. “My granddaughter sleeps at home in a regular baby and toddler bed. Evelien is initially a good sleeper. But around her second year, she stops talking and singing. She also starts hearing worse and worse. We notice that from then on she becomes restless, even around sleeping. ”

Constantly out of bed

Lying relaxed in an ordinary cot is no longer possible. Evelien keeps getting out and wants to climb on everything. “When she comes to stay with us, one of us goes upstairs with her at seven o`clock. To keep her in bed, we stay with her at bedtime until she is asleep. Evelien soon realizes that this is quite cozy – which doesn`t help her fall asleep,” Irene confesses, laughing. A sleepover also means a night of little to no sleep for grandma and grandpa: “Evelien still comes to stay over during that period, but it`s not as easy as before.”

Evelien has a disrupted day-and-night rhythm due to her disability. Thanks to CloudCuddle`s bed tent, this has been restored and she keeps energy for fun things.

Disrupted day and night rhythm

A consequence of poor sleep is that Evelien`s day and night rhythm becomes disrupted. “My granddaughter falls asleep on the sofa during the day and at night she is restless. And we all feel that Evelien constantly feels unsafe. Because it seems horrible to my son and his wife – and to us, of course – to be so restless all the time, my daughter-in-law starts looking for a solution to the poor sleep,” Irene Harms continued.

Much better sleep

“Through an internet search, she came across CloudCuddle. Soon after, my son and daughter-in-law bought a CloudCuddle bed tent and from day one, sleeping is so much better. Evelien`s behaviour has also changed completely with it: much calmer.” This is nice not only for Evelien, but also for her parents and grandparents.

Going to bed at a fixed time

“Evelien also sleeps at home in a CloudCuddle, with an aggravation blanket and her cuddly toy, just like with us. By the way, I can recommend such an aggravation blanket to everyone. It works really well for restlessness. Because Evelien knows the blue CloudCuddle from home, she also got into it very easily from the first sleepover with us.” “Going to bed follows a set ritual. When Evelien is in the bed tent, she puts her two little hands on the mesh and we put our hands against it. Then she lies down on her own with her blanket and cuddly toy and quickly falls asleep. Anyway, just like at her parents` house, we have set times for her. That works better for everyone,” Irene explains.

Bedtent in hospital

Because Evelien became completely deaf after a while, she recently got two cochlear implants. She had to spend two nights in hospital for this. “My son and daughter-in-law then took the CloudCuddle with them to the children`s ward. That way Evelien also felt relatively safe there. Anaesthesia like this is drastic enough. This was no problem at all for the hospital staff.”

Bedtent is something special

“To Evelien and her one-and-a-half-year-old brother, we always talk about `the little tent`. This makes the bed tent something fun, something special. As parents and grandparents, you especially want to arrange all the conditions around Evelien well. Furthermore, we don`t want to pay too much attention to what goes differently. My son and daughter-in-law tried to get the bed tent reimbursed through the WMO but unfortunately, they did not succeed. Therefore, we immediately paid for the CloudCuddle ourselves. Fortunately, we can afford it. But it is quite an expense. “

Time for other things

“I am very happy with the CloudCuddle. Glad it`s there. I`ve always been helped very well, the customer service staff have tried very hard, even when I initially had problems. Together with the staff, I found out that in the beginning, I had accidentally pushed the string attached to the cap into the clasp. As a result, one of the tubes kept deflating very slowly. We leave the bed tent on continuously for the lodger. I find that convenient because Evelien stays with us for at least one night a week. But when folded, the bed tent is a handy package that you can easily carry in a large bag.”

Day-and-night-rythm restored

“Now that Evelien is sleeping well again, we all have more time for other, more important, things. A diagnosis has not yet been made; we are waiting for the tests at the hospital. Evelien has a developmental delay but what it is caused by is not known. We think it is especially important to arrange the preconditions well for her so that she is comfortable. I see that as my job as a grandmother. Fortunately, she is sleeping well again and her day and night rhythm has been restored.”

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