CloudCuddle bed tent alternative to high bed rails

At the Akkerstaf location of the Aveleijn care organization in Enschede, a CloudCuddle has been placed on a high-low bed since last year. The reason for this was the arrival of an 18 year old boy, to see if he would feel at home at the day care center at Akkerstaf. It was a good time for the organization to do a trial week with a CloudCuddle bed tent. After all, an extra bed was needed quickly. “Completely rebuilding an existing bed was very expensive and time consuming. A CloudCuddle was quickly arranged,” says supervisor Mariël Leferink.

“The 18-year-old boy was used to a bed with a high bed rail. We were curious how he would react to a different system,” Mariël explains. “The transition was particularly smooth. The CloudCuddle looks friendly and much more homely than, for example, a bed with a high bed rail. The boy often lies in his own spot, to offer him peace and quiet, but because of the open structure of the mesh cloth he is still very much connected to the rest of the clients and the supervisors and we can continue to offer him closeness – much more than with a padded bed with closed sides. After all, he has a view in all directions. The CloudCuddle has no bars, no wooden edges, so the boy cannot hurt himself. This is extra important because he doesn’t move that much and therefore has brittle bones that can break quickly.”

Also possible with a hoist
“A CloudCuddle gives a little bit of give and that flexibility feels comfortable, while the bed tent is still very safe. You can open it on both sides, an important point for care. And we find it combines well with a patient elevator. You can push the air-filled tubes back slightly, enough to maneuver the hoist in.”

Own mattress for extra comfort
“We see the CloudCuddle as an addition to the range. In different beds we give clients a different experience or offer a different activity. In this way we can stimulate them in different ways. For example, with a vibrating mattress or a vibrating hose, with music or by reading to them. The CloudCuddle has a regular user who needs a special mattress that moulds itself to his body. That’s a super-thin memory foam mattress that we put loose in the CloudCuddle. That works perfectly for this guy. With support from extra pillows, we can give him the right posture.”

Bedtent CloudCuddle als alternatief voor bed met bedhek dagbesteding

Bright addition
“The CloudCuddle is an added value in the group. It provides a bit of peace and quiet during the day care. His parents were hesitant at first, but we have shown that the bed tent is safe and that he responds very well to it. They too see the CloudCuddle as an added value in their son’s day care. Finally, the color is totally awesome. Cheerful blue, a bright addition to the decor. Clients love it. And so do we, for that matter.”

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Would you like to try out a CloudCuddle within your organization? Then consider a trial weekend or renting a bed tent.