Less noise from bonking child with disability

Minder lawaai bonken kind met beperking door bedtent

Less banging of child with disability with bed tent

In their stories of experience, parents often mention that their child makes noise by banging because of their disability. In this way, these children regularly keep the whole family awake at night. They hit or bang against the edges of the bed or against the bed rail. And that can make quite a lot of noise.

The inflatable frame and soft cover of the CloudCuddle take away the noise from the banging. Both materials ensure that the blows are absorbed. They muffle the sound. Frank van Kempen from Echt made the short video below to illustrate the effect of CloudCuddle: “Nice additional benefit of a CloudCuddle; it saves a lot of noise compared to a bed with fences.”

Banging with the head is most familiar to children with disabilities, but banging with hands is also common. Many children use thumping to calm down. Such movements are harmless in themselves, but the banging often makes a hell of a noise and can go on for hours. It disturbs the sleep of the child itself but also of other family members. This can cause a lot of stress for parents.

Try out a CloudCuddle bed tent and see what it does to stop the noise of banging.