Reimbursement of CloudCuddle through special fund

Reimbursement of bed tent for Jomely through special fund WSG Group

Sandra van den Brink from Overberg tells how she too received a reimbursement for her daughter Jomely’s CloudCuddle bed tent after a long search from a special fund.

Bed tent for foster child

“Jomely is a cheerful 4-year-old toddler who we lovingly welcomed into our family from birth,” Sandra explains. “My husband and I very deliberately decided a few years ago to apply to the William Schrikker Group (WSG) as a foster family for children with disabilities. The WSG has been providing specialized youth care to children with disabilities and/or children of parents with disabilities for 75 years. When Jomely came into our home, we already had three children of our own. When she was two years old, we got another baby, also through the WSG. This child, too, can grow up with us until he is an adult. And we also grant that foster child a bed tent if necessary.”

Not nice enough?

“The other children didn’t know that we had consciously chosen a disabled child. You don’t really see it in Jomely either; she’s wonderful. She has a mental retardation, but is otherwise healthy. She is four, but has the level of a 2-year-old. One of the boys who was 9 when she came did ask why we were taking a foster child. He was worried that he might not be nice enough. The answer was easy: we like you so much, we’d like to have one more.”

CloudCuddle fits in trunk

“Because Jomely crawls out of bed easily, she sleeps in a secure bed. We had it made ourselves. On vacation that now creates a problem. I hoped to find a solution via Google. First I came across an expensive camp bed for adults. Not only expensive, but also very heavy and too big to take in the car. Then I could leave the rest of the luggage at home. Finally, I stumbled upon CloudCuddle bed tent and it seemed like a good idea. Small and compact to take with you, it fits in the trunk.”

Bed tent attracted a lot of attention

“Of course I wanted to test the CloudCuddle. When it was finally our turn, we were just about to go on vacation. No problem, I could take it with me the whole week. I thought that was super. The chalet at our campsite has never had so much traffic. Everyone wanted to see Jomely’s bed tent.”

Immediately asleep in sturdy bed tent

“From the first night, Jomely slept wonderfully in the CloudCuddle. Quite a miracle in itself, because usually she has to get used to a new environment. The CloudCuddle is also sturdy enough for her. She always crawls with her whole weight against the side. In the beginning I was afraid it would go wrong, but everything stayed upright. Even on the box spring, where you can’t attach the straps around legs. But the straps around the mattress provided enough security.

Furthermore, the vacation was a great success, so we wanted to have a CloudCuddle. It fits so easily in your luggage, really nice. The only thing I could improve was the zippers. They were a bit stiff. But I understand that this was because it was a prototype. So the CloudCuddle I get now probably doesn’t have that.”

Reimbursement bed tent finally succeeded through special fund

“It was a disaster to get a reimbursement for the CloudCuddle bed tent. I first knocked on the door of the municipality and then of the insurance company. There I ran into a wall of incomprehension. They did want to offer me a high-low bed as a solution for the vacation. But they wouldn’t reimburse me for a CloudCuddle, because they didn’t know about it. A high-low bed is really not a solution, because she would fall out of it. Then I went back to the municipality, without success. Finally I went to the William Schrikker Group. They finally paid for the CloudCuddle from a special fund. We are so pleased with the CloudCuddle that I asked for a stack of flyers, and I hand them out everywhere. There is a stack at the KDC and also at the William Schrikker Group.”