Test camping bed for disabled child

Family tests CloudCuddle as a camping bed for its disabled child

You`d like to take the whole family on a weekend trip again. How about sitting outside in front of your tent while the children play around you? Or in the evening by candlelight with a book and a glass of wine? A picture that parents of a handicapped child would also like to think about. Could it be? Karin Kuijpers travels with her family to Eurocamp Beekse Bergen and shares her experiences with the lightweight camping bed.

Bed tent in a safari tent

Karin Kuijpers tested the CloudCuddle bed tent with her family at the Beekse Bergen. With her husband Dennis and their two daughters Janou (6 years old) and Senna (8 years old), she spent a weekend in a safari tent. Janou has Dravet syndrome. She is a cheerful girl despite her epileptic seizures and highly fluctuating condition.

“Yes, a wonderful post-summer weekend away from home. My husband and I were looking forward to that. It was a little different than we had hoped, but that was certainly not because of the CloudCuddle or the Beekse Bergen,” says Karin. “We were very warmly welcomed by Eurocamp and our tent was top notch, including the CloudCuddle bed tent. Everything was ready to thoroughly test the safari tent bed tent combination. Janou was very comfortable this weekend, so we thought: that`s going to be good! But we were still faced with a few bumps that made camping difficult for us.”

Tip for camping with disabled child in CloudCuddle camp bed

“There was no fence around the tent. Janou was curious and she soon started exploring. Due to the uneven bottom, she fell a few times. In addition, Janou can be awake at night. She then keeps other family members from sleeping and perhaps other campers as well, although I`m not sure,” Karin explains. “That doesn`t take away from the fact that we certainly enjoyed ourselves. We enjoyed being outside, shopping at the park, eating together, the animals at the safari park, the swimming pool and a boat trip. My tip for other parents is therefore: camping with a CloudCuddle is certainly possible, but consider a number of other issues, such as possible noise pollution, the need for a protected area around the tent and unevenness on the terrain.”

Weekend with two faces

“Janou I let sleep at home the second night. Senna stayed with dad and built a hut in the woods. The next day we all went swimming and looked at the other half of the park. It is big and there is much to see. Janou thought all those animals were super cute. It was a weekend with two faces, which I still look back on with a good feeling. But for us it was also a wise lesson: no matter how much we would like it, camping with Janou remains difficult, even if she is in good shape. We secretly knew that, but we still wanted to try again. Especially for Senna. It`s great that we could make use of this offer.”

Did you know you can try out a Cloudcuddle camping bed for a weekend?