Reimbursement VAPH for CloudCuddle Remke

Reimbursement of bed tent by VAPH brings peace

For years, Ria from Antwerp has been lugging a heavy folding crib around with her for her daughter Remke. Last summer Remke suddenly clambered out of it. Now what? Ria tried a CloudCuddle bed tent and is glad she found it via Google. But was reimbursement by VAPH possible?

Enterprising child

“Despite her disability, our daughter Remke (14 years old, Cri du Chat syndrome) is an enterprising lady. At home she sleeps in a bed box and during vacations we used a folding crib. It was quite a job to transport, because it was a package of one by one and a half meters and weighing 25 kilos, plus a separate mattress. But we were happy to put up with that because otherwise Remke couldn`t go on vacation with us.”

CloudCuddle replaces heavy travel bed

“Last summer Remke figured out how to climb out of this bed. That was dangerous. So we had to come up with something else. I had no idea what, but we had already planned the vacation, so I had to find something quickly. Fortunately, these days we have Google and that led us to CloudCuddle. A test weekend was easily arranged, after which we immediately bought one. The heavy crib can stay at home from now on, what a relief!”

Doubt? Test the CloudCuddle yourself!

“To be honest, I did have my doubts at first. Such a small package? Such a lightweight bed tent? Would that be safe for Remke? To dispel my doubts, I therefore first extensively tested the CloudCuddle myself. Whatever I did, the CloudCuddle stayed in place, I could not fall out. That`s when I dared to put Remke to sleep with confidence and apply for reimbursement from the VAPH.”

Full reimbursement by VAPH

“Without CloudCuddle, we would have had to fix Remke in a bed outside the home. For example, at grandpa and grandma`s or at daycare. For the first time, Remke can now stay at daycare once a week without any problems. In order to qualify for a reimbursement, we had to substantiate our choice. The VAPH understood our problems and reimbursed us in full for the CloudCuddle.”

Extra freedom and peace of mind for the whole family

“The CloudCuddle gives us a lot of freedom. I recommend that all parents also schedule a trial weekend and convince themselves. Not only because of the vacations, but certainly also to stay elsewhere in between. It means a lot for the peace in our family and for the extra attention we can give each other and the other children.”


Remke stays once a week at DVC Sint Jozef in Kalmthout. Then the CloudCuddle goes with her in the bus. The carers can set it up and put it away themselves. Remke`s parents don`t have to worry about it.