Inventor special travel bed for disabled children

Lotte Leufkens: `Think in terms of simple solutions`

Uitvinder van speciaal bed voor meervoudig gehandicapte kinderen Lotte Leufkens

She was sitting in the lecture hall in Delft and heard the story of a father with a disabled child. Their biggest problem: sleeping outside the parental house. `That`s dangerous, because children with spasms, autism, Down syndrome, you name it, can easily climb out of bed or fall,` nods Lotte Leufkens.

She turned out to be the inventor the father was secretly hoping for and developed a special travel bed for multiply disabled children. `A kind of tent that makes any standard mattress safe for sleeping within five minutes. It`s inflatable, so light, and fits into a weekend bag.` Her prototypes were a huge success. `I got so many thanks – and even gifts – from families who could finally take a weekend off, or let their children stay with grandparents, to take the pressure off at home.`

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