The impact of CloudCuddle

Help increase the impact

On 21, 22 and 23 November, the Impact Days will take place: three days of inspiring events throughout the country about sustainable and fair business. The municipality of Delft is also participating and has invited CloudCuddle. In order to give this event even more impact, we ask for your help.

Attention to cost reduction

On 22 November, Lotte Leufkens will give a presentation about the impact CloudCuddle has on the lives of families. About the added value of CloudCuddle when it comes to freedom, peace, control and inclusion that parents and caregivers experience.
The experience stories on our website speak volumes.
In addition, she dwells on the cost aspect of CloudCuddle. The purchase price is offset by savings that not everyone is aware of.
Parents have already given us several examples. About how the purchase of a CloudCuddle is cheaper than repeatedly renting an expensive high-low bed, which is also non-functional. Or about savings at vacation destinations because with a CloudCuddle you are not tied to special parks. And we regularly hear about parents getting sick and overtired because friends and family who would like to help out do not have a bed box. Outsourcing care for a while to refuel is thus out of the question. That too comes at a cost.

With the extra attention to costs and cost savings, we want to encourage policy makers and insurers to reimburse CloudCuddle more broadly.

What can you do?

Do you have an example showing that CloudCuddle saves on (your) healthcare costs? And would you like to share it with us? Then we bring it to the attention of The Impact Days Delft, of course completely anonymously. In this way we can further strengthen the justification to reimburse a CloudCuddle. Send your contribution to

thank you on behalf of the entire CloudCuddle team