Finally sleeping through the night

Bente can now sleep through anywhere with bed tent

Sleeping through. This is not a matter of course for Iris` daughter. Bente cannot sleep in a regular bed without a raised edge. Outside the house that creates a problem. Having to fiddle with different beds and hassle with the health insurance company are two important points why her parents Iris and Michaël chose CloudCuddle, after carefully weighing up all the alternatives. As they put it themselves: “Because it is the safe, easy and reliable mobile bed tent. Because we too want the best for our daughter.”

Hassle hassle hassle

Staying over, going away for the weekend, going on vacation… Iris is also familiar with the hassle that comes with it. Going through the same mill every time. Signature of the pediatrician, application to the health insurance, being assigned a bed that you actually have no use for, inventing an alternative. Stress and sadness … there was always something. “Iris thought, “There must be another way!

Rules are rules

“First we wanted to try another mobile bed tent. It was a lot cheaper, but it wasn`t a success and it wasn`t safe. And it was a real puzzle to set up. Halfway through the night Bente was sleeping between the net and the mattress, is this what we want we wondered? No our preference is not.”
Iris had heard of the CloudCuddle product from a mother of a boy who was in Bente`s class. But the price initially held her back. After careful consideration, she decided to book a trial weekend anyway. She wanted to be relieved of all the fuss, but also wanted to be sure that it was safe enough. So she looked into the possibilities of compensation. And if that didn`t work out, she wanted to use the free space of the WLZ if necessary. She finds the rigid attitude of insurers incomprehensible. “Buying or renting CloudCuddle is actually cheaper than the standard offer. But yes, CloudCuddle is not on the list of the large providers, so no, they can`t reimburse that. The answer is invariably: rules are rules.”

Sleeping soundly, what a gift!

“Do you hear that?”, Iris said to her husband Michael when Bente lay in the CloudCuddle for the first time. “It`s quiet! No yelling, no chattering. She`s quiet, maybe she`s already asleep.” Bente has a rare chromosomal abnormality (22q13) that, among other things, causes her to have a floppy torso and cannot yet sit up on her own. If she is not comfortable, she regularly makes herself heard at night. A night`s sleep is always a gift to her parents.

Like a purring kitten

Bente`s reaction to CloudCuddle also surprised Iris a bit. “She was immediately calm and slept well both nights of the trial weekend,” she says. Usually she is pretty tossed around in bed and I find her all twisted up in bed in the morning. In the CloudCuddle, she had curled up delightfully, like a kitten who is lying there snoring contentedly and is very happy to keep on sleeping.

It`s all in a name

“Bente is a cheerful little lady, except when she is sleep deprived. We noticed that immediately. During the trial weekend she had slept so well she was ready for a new day, super cheerful and well in her element. In her classroom I told her about the CloudCuddle and a teacher said: `Oh, we have one here too`. I looked around but didn`t see it…. She picked up the `cloud` cuddle… It`s all in a name. And also I am now extra happy,” Iris concludes. “The municipality approved our application. It didn`t happen by itself, but I`m glad I can leave that bit of struggle behind me now.”