Simply going to a party with CloudCuddle

Many probably recognize it. You get an invitation to a party. Nice! You’d love to go. But at the same time the list of everything you need to arrange for your child is thumping through your head. And with a sigh you put the invitation aside. Or do you? Now that she has a CloudCuddle, it recently felt a little different for Karen van Meeteren from Amsterdam. In this blog, she explains how CloudCuddle made all the difference this time.

Away from home, always stressful

“My daughter Lin is 6 years old and has cerebral palsy. Because of the fluctuating muscle tension and involuntary movements that come with it, she is in a wheelchair and needs help with everything. So when we go out together, I have to be aware of everything. Are there any thresholds, is the room big enough for a wheelchair? How is the food arranged? Can I create a safe place for Lin to sleep? You always have to arrange all kinds of things and that causes stress. Then it’s nice to know that there are also things you don’t have to worry about. Like a safe place to sleep.

Emergency measure: mattress on the floor

Lin can easily fall out of bed, so at home she has a secure bed. Outside the home, you usually don’t have that available. Out of fear that she might fall, a mattress on the floor is sometimes an emergency measure, but not really desirable. Because even then I have to build everything around it to prevent her from rolling off the mattress. And if she needs care at night, it’s super awkward if she’s lying on the floor.

Safe in her CloudCuddle

With a CloudCuddle, I don’t have those concerns. Lin feels safe in it. She weighs over 18 pounds and knows that she can lay down with her full weight against the CloudCuddle. Nothing can happen to her. That gives me peace of mind. She goes to sleep peacefully and I can quickly offer her help if needed. During our outing, she unfortunately became ill. That was a setback, but at the same time a good test for CloudCuddle. I was so happy that I didn’t have to lift her off the ground and that I could help her quickly because the zippers opened really easily.”


Lin was eager to help set up the CloudCuddle. With help from a few kind people, this could be arranged. And a proud Lin behind the pump as a result.