Benefits of bed tent in case of banging

Does your child bang against the frame when in bed? While falling asleep or during the night? CloudCuddle`s mobile bed tent can be a solution to alleviate this. It is made of soft material so it provides a sheltered and low-stress environment that largely eliminates the sound of bonking.

Soft materials reduce injuries from banging

Banging with the head, with the hands or feet. How often it occurs is not exactly known. Children with intellectual disabilities, blind children, children with ADHD and children with a form of autism seem to suffer from it longer and more often.

Banging can be particularly problematic if it causes the child to injure himself on the bed. In that case it is extra important to make the environment in which your child sleeps safe. For example, by using a bed tent from CloudCuddle. This is made entirely of soft materials.

Because the fabric frame of this aid is filled with air, the bed tent does not contain any hard materials anywhere. This way, if your child bonks, they are less likely to hurt themselves.

Zachte materialen voorkomen verwondingen bij hoofdbonken

Sheltered area

Children with disabilities generally benefit from a quiet, low-stimulus environment and a sheltered, defined place where they can feel safe. You can create this in any location in just a few minutes with a CloudCuddle bed tent.

Several parents who use a CloudCuddle for their child tell us that their son or daughter falls asleep faster, sleeps better and sleeps through longer. This is not only great for the child itself, but also for you as a parent.

Banging and noise

Another advantage of this aid is that the banging is much less noisy because the tent bed does not contain any hard materials. This gives your child more peace of mind. This is also a pleasant added benefit for other family members and neighbors.

CloudCuddle was originally developed as a temporary facility outside the home. For example, to let your child stay with grandpa and grandma. Partly due to the noise when banging, parents are increasingly using the bed tent at home.

Because every child and every situation is different, we recommend that parents experience the benefits of the CloudCuddle for themselves by first trying it out for a weekend or renting it for a while. We would love to hear about your experiences.