Frequently asked questions  

+ Do insurance companies pay for CloudCuddle?

We do not know if or how CloudCuddle is insured abroad. In Holland some municipalities give a refund. And there are some foundations. In Belgium we know of the VAPH where people can ask for a refund. Please let us know if you have more information on this subject, so we can help other parents.

+ Which children can benefit from CloudCuddle?

CloudCuddle is tested in detail with 75 families. It appeared that most children are happy with the current CloudCuddle. They are safe and feel secure. But sometimes children do not react well to the CloudCuddle.

In general CloudCuddle is fit for every child aged 0 - 16 yrs, weighing up to 50 kg. But there are exceptions.

Free trial: How your child reacts to CloudCuddle or how CloudCuddle reacts to your child's movements is hard to predict. Thats is why we strongly advise everyone to have a free trial (apart from shipping costs). Just give us a call, or fill in this form.

+ How to use the CloudCuddle?

In this manual you'll find detailed instructions about using, transporting and storing CloudCuddle. Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

+ Is CloudCuddle strong enough, being inflatable?

CloudCuddle uses thechniques derived from the kite industry. Hence it cushions major impacts.

+ Where can I order a CloudCuddle?

In our webshop.

+ Can children hurt themselves?

The inflatable construction is strong, yet soft and absordant. It cushions the impact of uncoördinated movements.

+ Is CloudCuddle also fit for 'healthy' children?

CloudCuddle was designed for disabled children. We intend to develop a different one for healthy children.

+ Is the pump included?

For now we only deliver hand pumps. To save money, in case you already have one, you can skip the pump when ordering a CloudCuddle.