A lightweight bed box that you can take with you anywhere

“Develop a lightweight alternative to the bed box.” That was the question parents asked us years ago. “Make something you can take anywhere. That would really be a godsend.” Hence CloudCuddle developed the practical mobile bed tent, as a lightweight alternative to the bed box that most families have at home.

If your (multiply) disabled child has trouble falling asleep or has trouble staying asleep, regularly bangs his or her hands against the bed, can have an epileptic fit at night or has a tendency to wander, it`s great that you have a bed box at home where your child can sleep safely. But going to a sleepover is quite difficult in such a situation. Ideally, you would like to take the bed box your child sleeps in at home with you wherever you go. But how do you do that? A good alternative is the lightweight bed tent from CloudCuddle.

Portable alternative for the bed box

The CloudCuddle was developed precisely to offer parents a portable alternative to the bed box. In five minutes you can turn a standard single bed into a safe bed where your child feels secure. The bed tent is – if properly inflated with the supplied hand pump – so sturdy that mobile children can easily stay in bed. Children often feel calmer in a bed tent; they have their own place where they can retreat to during the day to relax.

Lightweight and compact

The tent bed weighs only a few kilos so you can easily take it with you in the car to grandparents, to a hotel, to the hospital or on a plane. This gives your family more freedom, more opportunities to travel and to take your child with you if you want to go away for the weekend. CloudCuddle can also provide a solution when you are hospitalized, or when visiting a specialist abroad.

Did you know that you can also rent a CloudCuddle if you need it for a longer period?

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